Meet the 2020 Organizers

The Main Organization Committee is made up of the following people:
Arvind, Pennsylvania: Tournament Director (Activities and Live Events)
Sanjay, Pennsylvania: Tournament Director (Website, Pits, Scoring)
Asha, Pennsylvania: Tournament Director (Team Management)
Alan, Israel: Head Referee
Steve, Virginia: Head Referee
Jamie, Nevada: Logistics
Patti, Nevada: Judge Advisor
Faith, South Carolina: Judge Advisor

Announcers: Jamie (Nevada), Aaron (South Carolina), Alex (Ohio), Nick (California)
Emcees: Maureen (Denmark), John (Denmark), Alex (Ohio), Krysta (Canada)
Keynote Speakers: Mark (Florida), Lee (Denmark)
RobotMak3rs: Martyn (The Netherlands), Marc-Andre (Canada), Anika (The Netherlands), Yoshihito (Japan), Andy (USA), Sanjay & Arvind (USA)

In addition, we have 60 volunteers from around the world helping to run the Virtual Expo and Virtual Open. They serve as judges, Expo reviewers, referees, game announcers, and emcees all coming together to help teams celebrate.