Meet the 2021 Organizers

The Main Organization Committee is made up of the following people:
Arvind, Pennsylvania: Tournament Director (Activities and Live Events)
Sanjay, Pennsylvania: Tournament Director (Tournament Management System, event steams)
Asha, Pennsylvania: Tournament Director (Team Management)
Alan and Yosi, Israel: Head Referees

Judge Advisor: Patti (Nevada)
Lead Judges: Faith (South Carolina), Anderson (Brazil), Jay (Illinois), Sarah (Illinois), Brenda (Ohio), Srini (Pennsylvania), Richard (Arkansas), Nancy (Ohio), Joe (Ohio), Joyce (Florida), Caroline (Nevada)
Announcers: Aaron (South Carolina)
Emcees: Maureen, John and Thomas (Denmark)
Keynote Speakers: Khawaja (Oregon)
RobotMak3rs: Marc-Andre (Canada), Anika (The Netherlands), Damien (Australia), Dimi (Belgium), Anderson (Brazil), Sanjay & Arvind (USA)
Mindstorms Experts: Dan, Lee, Morten (Denmark)

In addition, we have 70+ volunteers from around the world helping to run the event. They serve as judges, Expo reviewers, referees, game announcers, and emcees all coming together to help teams celebrate.