Meet the 2021 Virtual Open Invitational Explore Teams

We are excited to share that up to 24 teams from all around the world will be attending Virtual Open Invitational (VOI) Explore Festival 2021. Virtual Open Invitational is a community-organized event hosted by Droids Robotics 501(c)(3)|Share & Learn.

Team No. Team Name Region
1 Snutgir-ZoomZoomZap Pennsylvania, USA
2 Master Minds New Jersey, USA
3 Team Hubble California, USA
4 Bricks on Fire Kaufungen, Germany
5 Girl Power Robotics New Jersey, USA
6 Codecamp4kids Massachusetts, USA
7 Mechanical Muffins Texas, USA
8 Sport Kids Hessen, Germany
9 Robotikids Punta Arenas, Chile
10 Amigosboticos Creativos Santiago, Chile
11 WeDo Wizards Nevada, USA
12 Super Gamers Arica, Chile
13 Creative Team Fès, Morocco
14 Mazagan robotica El Jadida, Morocco
15 The Black Salamanders Florida, USA
16 Jr. LEGO Masters Florida, USA
17 Ultimate Mighty Battle Bots Florida, USA
18 Unstoppable Flaming Cockatoos Florida, USA
19 BB4 Cartwheel Tokyo, Japan
20 GirlSpirit Oregon, USA
21 Micro W.A.F.F.L.E.S. Ontario, Canada
22 Lego lovers Oregon, USA
23 FPF vega Fès, Morocco
24 Ant Team San José, Costa Rica