For Challenge Division Teams

Share & Learn Virtual Open Invitational Competition

Welcome to the Share & Learn Virtual Open Invitational. This is 48-team international event. The event is not an official FIRST event. It is created by the Share & Learn community with the help of FIRST friends all around the world. Click here to learn more about Share and Learn .

About the Event

48 teams from 20 countries have joined together to compete and have fun in this unique first-of-its kind event. To check out all of the amazing teams competing, go here . Teams will have the fun competition experience in an all-virtual format. They will send in pre-recorded videos for their judges to see. Judges are very experienced and will be able to provide teams with feedback. Teams will also perform a live robot run which experienced referees will watch and score. For the inaugral 2020 event, there will be flexibility for teams with no access to their robot game table.

In addition, there are opening and closing ceremonies, a virtual expert zone, a keynote speaker, game announcers and emcees. Th entire event will be livestreamed by FIRST Updates Now.

How can you join?

We are at capacity for the April 2020 event. We invite you to watch the live show on FIRST Updates Now on April 18-19.

Around the World in Five Days

Starting on April 13, we asked teams to teach us about their city, state or country. We travelled all over the world in just five days.

Virtual Talent Show

On April 10, we held a virtual talent show. We had 128 participants involved in the event.