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Around the World in Five Days

Starting on April 13, we asked teams to teach us about their city, state or country. We travelled all over the world in just five days.

Virtual Talent Show

On April 10, we held a virtual talent show. We had 128 participants involved in the event.

Livesteam and Robot Game

Robot Game scores will be available for viewing and updated live during on April 18-19.

Meet the 2020 Virtual Open Teams

Meet the 48 teams attending the Share & Learn Virtual Open Invitational.

Virtual Pits

Despite being a all-virtual event, the organizers wanted to have a way for students on teams to meet and socialize. They came up with the Virtual Team Pits.

Meet the Organizers

The Main Organization Committee is made up of the following people:

FIRST Teams Work Together

Nineteen FIRST teams have come together to help organize the virtual events, and create medals/trophies for the Virtual Expo and Virtual Open teams.

Meet the 2020 Virtual Expo Teams

Starting on March 15th, Share & Learn hosted Virtual Expos for teams. The following teams participated in the event.