What is Share and Learn?

A Global Facebook Community

Share and Learn is collection of four Facebook Community Groups created to support youth robotics teams started by Sanjay and Arvind Seshan (members of FRC 8027). Over the years, these groups have brought together team members, coaches, mentors, volunteers and organizers. FLL: Share & Learn is the flagship group, founded in 2017. All four groups are monitored by adult admin and FRC 8027 members. They are FIRST-focussed groups because the founders have a background in FIRST.

Community Initiatives

Over the years, Share & Learn has been responsible for the creation of many ways to bring the youth robotics community together. The groups provide a lot of support for rookie teams in all programs and many materials created and posted on FLLTutorials.com are the result of the needs of the Share & Learn Community. In 2020, with Covid-19 causing the suspension of the FIRST season, members of Share & Learn decided to band together to come up with ways to keep the community engaged. So many teams had events (including Worlds) cancelled. They first came up with a way to host a Virtual Expo for Junior teams. Inspired by the community's response, they decided to host an all-virtual Open Invitational for teams.

Want to join the community?

We invite you to join any of the four Share and Learn groups and help shape the community. FLLJr: Share and Learn , FLL: Share and Learn , FTC: Share and Learn , and FRC: Share and Learn .