Meet the 2021 Organizers

The Main Organization Committee is made up of the following people:

Meet the 2021 Virtual Open Invitational Teams

We are excited to share that up to 80 high-performing teams from all around the world will be attending Virtual Open Invitational (VOI) 2021. Virtual Open Invitational is a community-organized event hosted by Droids Robotics 501(c)(3)|Share & Learn. We have teams from over 25 countries and 35 US States attending the all virtual event to be held in June 2021. Between June 12 and June 19, these teams will compete, but also have opportunities to interact with one another. They will share, learn, and celebrate together. Click on the interactive map below.

For Teams in Discover or Explore

Share & Learn Virtual Festival

FIRST LEGO League Explore and Discover Teams are invited to participate in an all virtual Festival to be held betweem June 21 and June 27. Teams will have two choices: 1) submit a materials ahead of time for a reviewer to review and meet your reviewers only for Q&A, or 2) Present to a reviewer. All team members will receive a medal from a buddy FTC or FRC team.

Want to learn more about the teams?

Visit the virtual pits here.