Meet the 2020 Virtual Open Teams

Meet the 48 teams attending the Share & Learn Virtual Open Invitational.

Virtual Pits

Despite being a all-virtual event, the organizers wanted to have a way for students on teams to meet and socialize. They came up with the Virtual Team Pits.

For Teams in Discover or Expore Divisions

Share & Learn Virtual Expo

Junior Teams are invited to participate in an all virtual Expo in the FLLJr: Share and Learn Facebook Group . Pre-selected experienced reviewers will evaluate the presentations and give teams feedback. In addition, members of the Share and Learn community will also comment on every presensentation. Each team is awarded a certificate and each team member is given a medal.

How Can You Participate

Team Instructions:
1. Record your presentation (approx 5-7mins). You do not have to meet in person. You may submit images with voiceovers, you may submit a recording of a Skype/Zoom call, etc.
2. Add close ups of your Show Me Poster and Inspire Model and your program
3. Be sure you take a look at the Assessment Document for ideas on what to include. Reviewers may ask additional questions in the comments.
4. Create a new post in this group with all your materials (or share a link to where they are). Add a hashtag to the post: #SLVirtualExpo2020.